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Venue Rental Agreement Form – Custom

Venue Rental Agreement

This contract for the rental of a venue is made this day between Roger Licup & Lilia Licup, hereafter referred to as the "Owner", and the Name Mentioned Above, hereafter referred to as the "Renter".

Whereas, the Renter desires to temporarily rent, occupy, and make use of the Owner's venue, located at 8640 West Ave C8, Lancaster, CA 93536 and known as Lilia's Ranch.

Whereas, the Owner agrees to such rental, occupation, and use in consideration of certain payments and covenants herein enumerated;


Now, therefore, the parties agree to the following terms and conditions:


The Renter shall have access to and use of the venue from 10:00am o'clock to 11:59pm o'clock, for the purpose of hosting the Renter's event. Owner shall provide to Renter all keys, access control codes, and other items necessary to give Renter such access on the day of the event.


The full rental fee for the use of the venue described in Paragraph I above shall be $3,000 (with 8 tables & 64 chairs). The balance of the rental fee due, less the non-refundable deposit described below in Paragraph III, shall be payable to the Owner upon the expiration of the rental period described in Paragraph I above.


Renters will provide the restroom trailer for their guests.


The Renter shall pay to the Owner the sum of $1,000 no later than 30 days before the commencement of the rental contract. Of this amount, $500 is a non-refundable deposit that will be applied to rental charges upon final settlement of accounts. The remainder is for damages/security deposit which will be returned to the Renter upon settlement, minus any charges for actual damages done to the venue by Renter or his/her associates. Manager on Duty will determine if there is any excessive clean-up or damage done to the property as a result of your event and, if necessary, the damage deposit will be applied towards any needed repairs or cleaning.


You can Zelle your deposit to this number : 661-674-6826.


Within 1 hour of the rental period's expiration, Renter shall tender to Owner the rental fee balance due, and all keys and other access control devices in his/her possession.


Renter shall remove all personal property, trash, and other items that were not present in the venue when Renter took control of it.


Upon Renter's completion of his/her obligations under Paragraph IV & V above, the Owner shall return to Renter the security deposit minus any amounts deemed necessary to repair damages inflicted upon the venue by Renter and/or Renter's associates, guests, invitees, contractors, and all other persons whatsoever who enter the venue during the rental period, whether or not such persons did so with Renter's knowledge or consent.


In the event that Renter fails to pay the balance due within the time period agreed upon in this contract, interest shall accrue upon the unpaid balance at the rate of 10% per year until it is paid. Renter shall also be liable to owner for any legal fees, court costs, and other expenses associated with collection.


Renter will be liable for any physical damages, legal actions, and/or loss of reputation or business opportunities that Owner may incur as a consequence of the actions of Renter or any of Renter's guests while Renter is in control of the venue, and shall indemnify and hold harmless the Owner against any and all legal actions which may arise from Renter's use of the venue.


Any disputes arising under this contract shall be adjudicated in the Owner's local jurisdiction. In witness of their understanding of an agreement to the terms and conditions herein contained, the parties affix their signatures below


By submitting the form, I agree that I have read and agreed to Lilia's Ranch Terms & Conditions enclosed herein.

This contract is binding upon submission of form.
In witness of their understanding of an agreement to the terms and conditions herein contained, the parties affix their signatures below.